The dream of Galgvid


Many a purring cat must have been dreaming about Galgvid slumbering under the oven indoors. Imagine a forest teeming with beautiful birds where one can frolic until the end of time as we know it?


The name Galgvid stems from the mythology of our forefathers; in Norse mythology there is a forest with a multitude of beautiful birds - Galgvid. As we have to keep our cats indoors or behind fencing, they dream about and talk to their feathered friends on the outside. Once you’ve seen an Abyssinian eagerly and fawningly talking to birds, you won’t question that this dream still is alive.


The Abyssinian is the super GTI-model of the cat-world. Full of energy and vivacity, it’s likely to shoot off anywhere and anytime, before it quietly settles down to sleep on that day’s favourite spot. To us the Abyssinian is the essence of what cats can be:

Lion                –          Assertive and persevering

Tiger               –          Furtive and cunning

Cheetah          –          Agile and quick

Puma              –          High and low

Dad’s kitten     –          Purring and affectionate

(No one can cuddle up like an Aby can.)


A pet child has many names. In the USA the Abyssinian is called a ”dogcat”, which is easily understood, as this breed is a type of cat which can remind us of small dogs. From an early age, they have a strong need/urge to be included and to show what they can do. They love to learn little tricks, and you shouldn’t disregard the thought that they might teach you a trick or two too…


If you consider getting an Aby of your own, you must be prepared to be followed (around) in anything you do. You will also have to anticipate many a helpful comment, tiny meows and the odd well-placed paw. Our cats are eager little helpers in our home, regardless of what the work entails. You haven’t dusted or changed the beds, before you’ve tried doing so with the aid of an Abyssinian or two.


With a healthy and sound Abyssinian in your home, you will regularly witness a world filled with joie de vivre, acrobatics and a sense of adventure, where no corner will be left uninvestigated, no shelf unclimbed, no obstacle untackled. And everything has to be commented on. Afterwards we start all over again...



Welcome to our world.









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